Beautiful Nails Without Worrying

When I mention getting my nails done there is always that person who cringes and follows with a horror story from a bad nail salon. Then I point out 1.) I am in the industry I don’t just go to anyone 2.) I am also the biggest OCD cleaning person when it comes to letting someone touch me.

So let me introduce to you, Jacinda Frazzini. Jacinda is the owner and nail technician at Nailed It! by Jacinda. She has been in the nail industry for 18 years. She specializes in gel form nails (this is different from gel polish/shellac) and nail art.

She started her journey attending Michigan State but after some time decided she wanted to pursue a career that wouldn’t take her 4 years and wanted to be able to work immediately. She attended Douglas J and completed their nail tech program.

Jacinda’s favorite brand of choice is CND. Which is the top of the line. With nail services quality is very important. So you don’t have to worry about having cheap or old products. Jacinda is CND certified. She explained her master program she took in Florida over a weekend full of classes stating that she has to attended yearly classes to keep up on all the latest in the nail world.

When asking what her favorite service to do was she responded with a smile, “does nail art count?” She told me she loves making a persons nails unique with nail art to show off a little something I that persons personality. I could see the light in her eye of passion. Nail art is probably the most technical and artistic part of doing nails and not everyone can do it. Think of it this way, she is an artist with a canvas the size of your smallest nail. That’s a lot of detail to do that!

Now to my favorite part, cleaning! Upon walking in her room I could smell cleaner. My first tip to anyone going to a salon is if you can’t smell cleaner especially with pedicure tubs, start to worry. We’ve all heard the horror stories so I don’t need to go into detail about them.

I asked Jacinda what is one thing she wanted clients to know from the nail industry? She replied with two different points which I think were great things to touch base on. If you are getting gel nails there should not be a powder and liquid. Gel nail product should come in ONE pot and look like syrup and get cured under the light. Anything else is a lie. The second thing was to not be afraid to ask for licensing. Each nail tech should have their own license and it should be displayed in the open for you to see. Unfortunately there are a lot of unlicensed people out there so you want to make sure you have someone who knows what their doing.

I got a full set of gel nails applied. No tips involved! She free formed and gave my nails length. I am very plain so I picked a more neutral color and Jacinda being the artist she is said let’s add something for an accent nail and gave my ring finger a design. It looked fantastic! By the end my fingers and nails weren’t sore like I’ve had from other nail services and there were no cuts on my cuticles which also is common. The gels are lightweight and not chunky like acrylics sometimes can feel like. Now I will admit I did break one but I want to point out with gel nails you do not rip off your whole nail. The tip broke but there was no damage to my nail. And Jacinda immediately got me in to fix it! Because she not only a great nail tech she has great customer service to clients to get them in. Professionalism is key and she has it!

You can check out Jacindas Facebook page: Here

To book an appointment with her go to: Her booking site

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