Rouge and Company… The New Oribe

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Everyone knows I love Oribe. The second you smell it you fall in love. But I have to admit, I have replaced mine. Why would I do that? R+Co… that’s why.

As a stylist I will say I sold a lot of Oribe product. People didn’t even look at the price. As I transitioned to my Sola Suite I needed something affordable to myself and clients and compared to my love, Oribe. I knew R+Co was a “sister” company so I went with it. And I have never made such a better choice as a professional. I have had 4 clients in 1 week tell me how happy they are with R+Co. First I will tell you why then I will tell you a little about the company.

After I had my first blowout of a curly coarse hair client I noticed a difference. I loved Oribes smell and soft feel. But with R+Co I felt something different a very clean, soft head of hair. The products did what they needed, but didn’t load the hair with softness that felt like “too much” product the next day. A client complaint I’ve had with Oribe. The second reason was price point. Clients will pay extra money for quality but most of my clients have kids and families and buying a $50 product is hard so they would buy 1 Oribe product and 3 drugstore products. With R+Co it is affordable yet the same quality. Some clients mention the smell being amazing bc they have 4 underlying scents, all that are unisex, in all products that don’t stink if mixed and the scent stays in your hair! Oribe did not most clients had to buy refresher to keep it. The last thing I get from clients is the packaging is amazing. It’s cute and sticks out. It’s trendy. And it goes with the products name. Example: Sail Soft Wave Spray has boats all over it. The list grows everyday and I love knowing myself and my clients all agree and love it!

So what’s this company about? Are they paying me? I’ll start there… NO! I am in no way paid to talk about them. I chose them! I am only given a discount less than those big chain salons and don’t have a rep to help me, etc. I am just a professional who loves to find great products. Rouge and Company is a collective group of rule bending top editorial stylists, salon stylists and educators all working as a team to make products so they have more than 1 viewpoint. I know it’s shocking but it’s true.

Another big standout? They don’t do the whole one color is a line. This company is different and makes their products treatment oriented and understands people have different uses for products. Example: an unmanageable curly client will use Park Ave for blowouts but her husband can use it as a style cream with hold. Which has always been my annoyance to categorize a product.

R+Co cares about the health of hair and the scalp. Products are made without parabens, sulfates(SLS or SLES, go ahead check those in your current products), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty free, gluten free and color safe! I’ll wait for you to go compare that too…

Done? Okay.

Everyone knows Garren. He’s the Vouge and Allure hair god, he’s the madonna of the industry. He got together with Howard McLaren and Thom Priano to lead this company. They connect the stylist to their consumer. Go to their app or website. They teach clients how to use their products like most companies do for stylists only. They have no secrets they want you to look amazing at home.

The other thing previously mentioned is their names. Going off that the product packaging. Hey go together like the song in Grease. Example: Motorcycle has a leather jacket on packaging. I think tough. It’s a tough hold gel. Just like the Greasers liked their hair. Another example? A queen always wears a crown. A crown is on the scalp. Crown is a scalp scrub. Don’t worry they all are connected through name, packaging and use of product.

If you haven’t tried yet go find a salon who carries this amazing line and fall in love just like I did, as well as my clients!


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