You Got the Husband & Kids Ready… 4 Quick Looks to Get YOU Ready!


So they needed a little help and being a mom I personally know you are always last to get ready. But you want to look good in pictures, it is a holiday party. Problem? You have 15 minutes, shoulder length hair and no clue what to do. And you can only find 2 bobby pins and a rubber band.

The most time will be spent curling your hair. Spray some R+Co One Prep Spray on your hair and brush through. Then section your hair in 3 sections grab a chunky piece from the bottom section and use a 3/4 inch curling iron. Start mid shaft and curl leaving 1-1 1/2 inches of your ends out of the iron.

After your bottom section is done, spray with R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray. Start with next section curling pieces alternating towards and away from your face. I like to make sure the bottom front pieces go towards face and top section pieces going away.

After tousle your hair with your fingers.

For a going or casual party where you want to have your hair up but want to look a little fancy, try a top knot bun. Grab your crown area hair and pull back like a high pony with a rubber band. Then twist the hair around to give the bun appearance and pin in place using 2 bobby pins. (TIP: the bumpy part of the pin goes towards the scalp!)

Look 2 can be for the party where you want to look good but you’ll most likely be interacting with little child family members and your own kids so you want your hair out of your face. Take the section from behind your ear towards your face and twist following your head shape. Then grab a piece near where your hair seems to loose the bulky curl and twist around to lock in those ends. Repeat on other side and rubber band in middle back of your head. Flip hair over rubber band to hide it. Piece out pieces and you’re ready to go!

For look 3, you are rushing out the door and need to hurry before you hear complaining your taking too long. Start a simple French braid at your part after you get past your ear change to a single braid. Lift up the section of hair where the braid ends to tuck in under to hide. Make a low tight “x” with a bobby pin and let hair fall over braid.

Just not having time past curling? That’s fine. Leave it and go. Add some R+Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder for added volume and to freshen up your hair throughout the night.

After you are done spray with some R+Co Vicious Strong Flexible Hairspray for hold.

You now have 4 new looks for parties that take less than 20 minutes and use minimal hair accessories. You can focus on the family memories while looking fabulous!


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