Can’t Stop Itching Your Scalp?

It is that time of year when it gets colder out and you just can’t seem to stop scratching your head. Guess what? It is completely normal, and it is not just you. Your scalp is just dry which causes you to itch. Your scalp is also the Crown you wear everyday, so what should you do to fix this issue?

Rouge and Collective, also known as, R+Co has your fix. Crown Scalp Scrub is for anyone from the sensitive scalp to the overly oily scalp. The scrub detoxes, cleans and rebalances the scalp while it purifys and soothes it promoting shiny healthy hair. Did I mention it is vegan and cruelty free? Because it is.

It looks like your typical scrub product when you squeeze a walnut size amount out with its Relative Paradise scent(R+Co’s most popular fragrance). As you work into your scalp you will feel the exfoliants dissolve. You don’t have that grainy sand feeling which makes you worry that it is still in there after you rinse. R+Co suggests using one of their conditioners on mid lengths to ends, my choice would be the Bel Air Smoothing Conditioner.

R+Co is known for being gluten free, paraban and sulfate free, vegan and cruelty free. So not only is it safe for everyone the ingredients are usually naturally derived. Crown Scalp Scrub has salicyclic acid that removes loose dandruff and minimizes the scalp build up to promote healthy hair follicles. The gentle cexfoliant you feel is naturally derived. It is called Ecuadorian ivory palm seed powder.

The ingredient that really makes this product stand out is kaolin. Kaolin is a mineral rich clay that naturally occurs. What does it do you ask? It helps to remove dandruff and promote scalp health. But my favorite part, it absorbs the excess oil on the scalp and hair so it feels full of body. You can literally feel the air on your scalp and still have great volume.

It is the biggest winter must have for me!


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