It’s Novalash or Nothing!!!


Time for a personal story…

You get eyelash extensions you are told how great they look by the lash artist you go home. You get a few compliments about them. You notice there is some irritation but figure, “Hey, I probably am just sensitive”. So you decide to go for a fill. You’ve read about other brands and want to give it a try.

Then your lash artist takes a look. You describe your irritation. Was it your skin? NOT always. I have run into this. There are two things I would like to point out from this learning experience. 1.) People can be trained in specific brands, this does NOT mean that is what they are using on you. When you are trained they tell you to use ONLY what they use for the brand. It is not to get your money. They do extensive testing with their adhesive  otheir lashes and their tape and stickers. I myself have tried to use only tape I read about online. It turned out to be a fail and I went immediately back to the way Novalash taught me and it has confirmed I will not try what others suggest. Novalash does so much testing that I can say that I will ONLY use Novalash. It really is Novalash or nothing.

Now to the other issue this situation has taught me. Upon reviewing her lashes I notice the lashes are touching her eyelid skin. After I calm myself down I ask how long it has been. The client tells me 3 weeks. I have seen lashes after 3 weeks, they should NOT be touching the clients lid even after the initial application. That means not only the adhesive but also the synthetic lash has been touching the clients eyelid. The client mentioned the irritation and I was shocked that it was minimal irritation. This doesn’t mean it is time to bash another lash artist but learn from this.

I explained to client that is what caused irritation and it could have been worse. I would have to remove the lashes which it took about 45 minutes to do and the stress from that pushed me back on time with her. Instead of hurrying blaming others work or other brands I simply did as much as I could and told her I would love to do her next infill appointment on me. So she could fully see how great a full set of Novalash extensions are. As a lash artist I personally believe if you are not 100% confident in each work you need to make sure you make the client confident to return to you. Even if it takes a free infill appointment. Yes time is money but reputation is also money. Clients cannot lay down for that long and you will get frustrated with the application so it is best sometimes to stop and reassure client to return to complete the work so they can really LOVE their lashes.

As for clients I will ALWAYS suggest you ask to see the lash pots and boxes they come in. All brands love putting their name on everything and I know Novalash has their logo everywhere. So don’t be afraid to ask, it is your money! Everyone has heard a lash horror story so you want to make sure you are comfortable with the person applying and the products being used.

And ALWAYS take every bad or scary situation and learn a lesson from it! Clients appreciate you explaining these situations and being honest!



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