You call for your appointment, your stylist is GONE


Most people run into the situation when they go to make an appointment and are told their stylist is no longer there but instead they’ll offer a huge discount to try someone new…

Let’s face it, business is business. You are going to get that. In my opinion those are the Dollar Debra’s who usually don’t have the true beauty industry passion. Why? This industry is filled with many amazing talents. The best ones you’ll notice are the ones encouraging and helping other people in the industry. Personally, I have worked for both. I have worked with an owner who not only is open with that but has a “sister salon” as she calls it. Instead of only seeing the dollar sign she has a setup where if none of her employees are available her salon will actually contact the sister salon to see if they have openings. This is the type of salon owner you want to be having your services done at because I can promise you are getting a professional yet beauty passionate service from a motivated stylist. And you can feel the appreciation between owner and employee going both ways.

But what about your stylist?! Some stylists get into non compete contracts and actually cannot take your personal information from the salon. So I will tell you from my standpoint what you can do: tell your stylist you love what they do to your hair and actually make the comment I never want to leave you or you can never leave. Also go to the salon page and leave a review specifically about them. It shows us to keep you in mind if we decide to relocate. Sometimes when relocating they think, oh they won’t follow me and skip people. I have given my number to those clients as a just in case it happens situation, and guess what? I’ve gotten those calls.

No number and no ideas? Always try social media. Most stylists will tell your their pro account names so you can follow their work. If you find their personal page send them a quick message to verify that it is them. Some product brands have relationships with their salons. This is mainly due to some products require a personal certification that stays with the stylist. Keep your ears open during appointments for clues of that. If you know a brand name try contacting them to see if they know.

There are many ways of trying to find your stylist after. I’ve had a client track me down via google searching. White pages has also happened to me of when a client is dedicated. When going this far be professional with your stylist, don’t scare them. They do have personal lives so blowing up their phone or social media could make them hesitate to take you as a client. I can say I have been so busy during a salon change I didn’t respond to texts but made sure I sent handwritten letters within a week of leaving.

So if you call and this happens, don’t fret. Most likely you will find them or they will find you. If you can’t find them right away and you know they friend still works there, try them out and see if you can get information from them. Most coworkers will tell each other’s clients even if the owner is refusing. We do it out of respect to each other in the industry and they will stay in your mind for telling you so if you ever need a back up you may try them out.

The biggest part of the industry is respect and honesty between client and stylist so as long you have both parts you will find your stylist!


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