When to Box Color Your Hair at Home…


NEVER. You should not use box color on your hair.

This is one of the biggest topics brought up in salons. People think stylists lie about this just to get more money out of your pocket. There are probably some out there that do just want more money from you but there are very good reasons as to why you should not use it.

  • If it was so great, wouldn’t everyone do it. If box color was so great then why would there be professionals for it? And why wouldn’t everyone just save their money and use box color? Just ponder on that as you read on.
  • One color does not fit everyone. When a stylist is mixing your color in the back room what you do not realize is that there is two or more colors mixed into that color she applies to your head. There are many factors that go into color mixing like what undertones you have, your goal for color, what previous color you may have had, your skin tone, your eye color, etc.
  • The line the salon uses has a drug store line too. So it must be the same. Some lines do have drug store lines that they sell this is true. I have worked with them and wasn’t impressed with their professional lines either. There is a reason why stylists have to pay to learn about color in school. Like everything else there are so many choices you have to know what is good and bad for you. What those companies tell professionals is that they make lower end publicly sold color for those desperate people out there so they can still make money. They don’t put on their boxes that it is not comparable to the professional color salons use. It just gets people who don’t actually care by.
  • The reviews online are good. With any reviews you will see good you will see bad. Most reviews are followed by company workers to basically stalk what people are saying about the products. Then they make multiple accounts and write reviews raving about the products and spam about it everywhere. That is why word of mouth reviews are important. Anyone can write anything on the internet. just as I am right now. I could tell you that I am actually Marilyn Monroe but would you believe me?
  • There is more than one developer out there. When mixing color there are many choices of the volume of the developer. If you use the wrong one it can damage your hair because it is too strong. That is why hair feels so dry after box color and also why they only throw in the wax coating conditioner to hide the fact your hair is now even more damaged.
  • Flat color. Because box color is not mixed true to what your hair needs are your color will not be vibrant and vivid to the eye. Instead will look muddy, flat and almost a blur in a bad way. People may say, “You colored your hair!” but that does not mean they think it looks good.
  • There are high levels of ammonia and peroxide. High levels of those two things will weaken your hair, strip the shine and possibly cause allergic reactions days later.
  • Covering your greys. Some box color say that it works great on grey hair on the box. And it might, but if it does not mention grey it will definitely not cover them up because the ingredients are so cheaply made.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED!!! You found that great box color you love then you see those words. This means the formula is different and you will most likely not get the same results which causes banding. Banding are those weird areas in your hair where the color is completely different and noticeable. Also known as leopard spots of color.

It is just a bad idea and it takes forever to correct and a lot of money. So your best bet is just to avoid it and find a stylist in your price range and have them do the work for you. You win in the long run, I promise.


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