The 3 Things You Need to Style Your Hair

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Time to style your hair, but where to start? The first thing you need to do is get together your tools and products. When choosing products refer to the 3 product rule. The rule is you need 1 product to prep your hair, 1 product to style your hair and 1 product to finish your hair.

Prep products will be your detangling spray, foundation/prep sprays, moisturizing creams, etc. Things that you put in damp hair to help the health of your hair. My go to is always Oribe Foundation Mist.

Style products can be anything. Mousse, gels, blowout creams, pastes, curling cream/gels, etc. This is all depending on your hair type and the hair style you want to achieve. My all around go to product is Oribe Gel Serum. The amount applied is determined by hair type and amount of hair it is applied to.

Finish products are what they sound like, to finish the style. This can be hairsprays, other sprays like humidity, thickening, mousses, light creams, etc. One of my most used products on clients is Oribe Feather Balm on the ends to help those pesky flyaways.

Some people need a little more than just 3 products but you always want to make sure you use products that your hair needs. And not overdo it with products, too many can ruin a style. Never forget if you are unsure to ask your stylist.



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