Aftercare NEEDS You


So you have gotten your amazing eyelash extensions, you love them and feel confident. Every mirror you walk by you cannot help but to look at yourself. But now what?!

Every brand has different aftercare rules. Some say no water, must use oil free products, sleep propped up, use strong chemicals to clean your lashes, etc. I am going to go over the aftercare specifically for NovaLash eyelash extensions.

The best part from a client stand point with NovaLash is that you can immediately jump into a pool, go workout and sweat or do anything with water. No water wait time. You can immediately use oil based products around their eyes. Oil based products are encouraged.  NovaLash DOES suggest to check your product ingredients if you are not using NovaLash products for “glycol” and “carbonate” ingredients. With any eyelash extensions you always want to avoid waterproof mascara. It is the Voldemort of eyelash extensions, so it must not be named.

NovaLash offers an Aftercare Kit with an extra lash wand, mascara by NovaLash and cleanLASH pads. A  great tip is to cut them in half and get 100 instead of 50 pads. Every morning and night you need to clean the lashes of makeup, pollutants and other debris. You want to take one pad, wrap it around your finger and gently shimmy swipe to side on your eyelid/lash line. Then, swipe down, over the  lashes to cleanse the extensions. If you have under eye residue swipe that off. Turn your pad over and repeat on the other eye. What makes this stand out? CleanLASH not only cleanses but is also a makeup remover. It also has pomegranate seed extract helps to restore the moisture and condition the lashes so they always look “on point”. Click to learn more about the mascara by NovaLash and cleanLASH .

A disposable lash wand must be used every morning and night, but is good for all times during the day as well. When you sleep the lashes will tangle so you want to use the wand and roll it between your fingers on the inside of the lashes with your eye closed to gently get tangles out. After that I instruct my clients to place their non used hand, pointer finger under the lashes with their eye still closed and brush down. The finger under the lashes will give them a little more support while you brush. After that, I instruct clients to open their eye and brush the lashes up on the outer side of the lashes so they look full and fluffed. During the day some people have the habit of touching the lashes or even going outside on a very windy day, which can tangle them. So it is always good to just have a wand on you at all times.

With great after care and great lashes you will be unstoppable! There are more aftercare and retention tips so always check back for more information for at home aftercare.

Keep your lashes healthy and happy!