Top 10 Crazy Hair Myths I Found


We all have those moments, especially on the internet, when we read something say it’s crazy but believe it. I started looking up myths with the intent to test some out but instead I am going to make a list of the craziest myths I found:

  1. Hair can turn white from fright
  2. Shaving the head of a newborn prevents baldness
  3. Not cutting your hair will make it grow longer (don’t get me started on that one)
  4. Cutting your hair by the moon makes it grow faster
  5. You MUST wash your hair everyday
  6. The more you brush your hair the healthier it is
  7. Sudsy shampoos clean your hair better (well get to this coming up)
  8. You don’t need conditioner if you just take your shower in ice-cold water. Your hair will be shiny from that.
  9. The sun is the best way to lighten your hair
  10. Pluck one hair out, two grow back in its place

Now some of these aren’t so extreme but nonetheless are NOT true. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylists questions about your hair. A great stylist will know the answer and if not off of the top of their head will find out for you. It is always better to ask then to assume when you are out surfing the internet.


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