It’s Time to Admit the Truth…


This will probably be the easiest post I have ever written. Let’s talk about my OBSESSION. Oribe. I am the first to admit I am truly #oribeobsessed. I will start with how to say it, “or-bay” is a company that produces the most amazing hair products, makeup, skin care products, hair tools and accessories. Ask anyone who has used it!

Oribe is the first luxury hair care product line that was introduced to the world in 2008. Created by Oribe Canales and Daniel Kaner. They made an entire hair-line where every single product could be mixed and build on each other. The best part? The line has a signature scent in every product so you are adding products together and getting a terrible scent every time your hair moves(trust me, there are product scents that do not mix). What is this beautiful, amazing scent? Cote d’Azur. A mix of Italian bergamot, white peach and cedar wood. You will fall in love the second you breathe it in.

Did I mention most products will last you 2-4 months if used correctly? The products are highly concentrated so you do not have to use half of the bottle. Some of the products would be 3 different products you would buy at the drugstore. Most people feel a difference after 2 shampoos.

They have many line types that I will tell you all about in the future. Most lines always have a few slackers, have just one or two standout products, or never live up to the hype at all but not Oribe. As a hairstylist who has worked with many product lines and never found the one for me and my clients I am so happy I found the one. I was never big into retail sales because I didn’t back the companies. With Oribe I do not even try, because clients can tell just from one use in the salon how great it is. Oribe is safe to use on colored hair and keratin treatments due to having uv protection in all products and not having sodium chloride. So it will not slowly break down your $250-300 treatment. It is also paraben and sulfate free, with the exception of two lines which are all natural made sulfates and needed for the two lines purposes.

Find your nearest Oribe retailer today and ask for their Oribe product specialist to get recommendations. I promise you will not be let down.



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