Have You Been Told You’re “Sensitive”?


You get all excited about eyelash extensions. You go in for your appointment and your lash artist informs you that she cannot perform the service due to fear of sensitivity you may have with adhesive. Or you have went on the internet and saw all of these scary pictures of extensions gone wrong from an allergic reaction and you know you are sensitive around your eyes. Well I have AMAZING news for you! Novalash Sensitive Eyes was formulated JUST for you!

I want to refer to a story from my experience with the Sensitive Eyes that proves how great it really is. I had a client come in for eyelash extensions. This client had a prior experience with eyelash extensions. She went to go have them put on but within 5 minutes of laying down she had a lot of sudden anxiety and asked them to stop the service. This was mainly because she did not feel comfortable with any part of the service because it was not explained. Knowing she was sensitive and not being sure what would be around her eye area scared her. After hearing her say she is sensitive around her eyes and about her other experience I knew what to do. I explained to her I didn’t want to her give up on the idea of having amazing eyelashes. I told her all of the reasons why US Patent-Pending Novalash Sensitive Eyes was perfect for her:

  • Formulated for sensitive eyes
  • Physician developed
  • Medical grade adhesive
  • Odorless
  • Fume free
  • Non irritating for those who suffer allergies
  • Rubberized agent for increased durability and flexibility
  • Rubberized for extended wear time
  • Oil resistant
  • Waterproof, sweat-proof

This adhesive was also awarded the 2016 Launchpad Readers Choice Award winner!

Hearing my information, I could tell she was already more comfortable. Now for the interesting thing happened. Her anxiety went up and she told me she needed to sit up for a moment. I was already into the service and tried advise her about keeping eyes closed. So what happened next? She opened her eyes as I said that. Now with most adhesives especially around sensitive eyes the fumes would burn and possibly injure the eye. Worried because I have not had this happen I asked her if she was okay and to close her eye because of chance of irritation and injury. She sat up and informed me there was no burn or irritation sensation while keeping her eye open but just needed a minute. After she had relaxed we continued with service. I asked multiple times about how she felt. Without any further issues she left relaxed, happy with her lashes and informed about any and all issues that could happen.

So what happened? She has been back for her fills on schedule and loves her lashes! Every appointment she tells me she has no issues after she leaves with her eye area except she loves looking in the mirror. She also points out how relaxing the appointment is now for her.

Though it is NOT recommended that you are encouraged to open your eyes while Sensitive Eyes is being used, it can happen. Some people have a hard time sitting for a 2 hour full set appointment, some are just mothers who are not used to having all of that quiet time, some people just get claustrophobic having their eyes closed while you are applying lashes near their eyes. There are many different reasons but with my experience Sensitive Eyes kept me a client and had the quality like all of Novalash has to offer.

I will cover serious risks of eyelash extensions with other health issues on another day. But having sensitive eyes is not a reason to avoid getting eyelash extensions if you want them. Just make sure you see a certified Novalash extensionist.

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