The PERFECT Platinum

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Who doesn’t love platinum? Platinum hair, music records, but my favorite is the US patent pending, physician developed, NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesive. Developed in 2005, this stuff is way ahead of it’s time. This adhesive is the “extra strength” adhesive that extends the length between lash infills with it’s rubberizing agent ingredient. It dries a rich, glossy, dark black color to enhance your lash line. Another great fact about Novalash is that it is made in a FDA inspected facility in the United States. So you know you are getting quality adhesive with a great reputation in the beauty industry. Here are all the awards they have received!

Remember that one time you had eyelash extensions that were not applied by a certified NovaLash Lash Stylist? How you couldn’t take a shower for 24-48 hours and had to use products that were oil free, that dried up your eye area skin and natural lashes? Not with Platinum Bond! You can immediately go jump in a pool after your appointment. In fact during your appointment you may feel a water mist from a miniMR because water helps dry the adhesive and dismiss any fumes. Which means it’s waterproof and sweatproof. Instead of making your skin dry with oil free, NovaLash encourages the use of oil based products with the extensions and adhesive. If there is no oil in the adhesive, then how do you condition your lashes?

Let’s talk about the 2 things NovaLash Platinum Bond does not have. First, there is no latex in any NovaLash products. This does not cover any NON-Novalash products used in your service with your Lash Stylist so make sure if you have a latex allergy to let them know!

Now, it’s time to talk about the “F” word. Formaldehyde, the cancer causing, colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that seems to be hiding everywhere. Platinum Bond goes through a 4 step purification process and toxicity testing. It is possible but not proven that is formaldehyde is in the air or water molecules in the air that it could get into contact with the glue which would not make the adhesive at fault. But rest assured, Platinum Bond is the only adhesive to pass EPA testing and is ISO-10993 certified. In FDA laboratories they were unable to detect traces of formaldehyde in Platinum Bond.

I am happy I found my perfect platinum, now it is time for you to as well. Remember, only certified professionals can buy Platinum Bond, if someone who is NOT Novalash certified says they have this adhesive chances are it is too good to be true.

Keep your lashes healthy & adhesive top quality!


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