As an eyelash extensionist, I will be the first to admit: choosing which brand to get certified in was a lot of research. I wanted a brand with a good reputation that had a good communication with their certified stylists to keep them informed. They also needed quality and healthy products/technique.

I have had 2 brands of extensions before so I knew some brands and I knew if I liked or disliked those after personally having them. There are quite a lot of brands out there and it can get overwhelming. After thoroughly researching a variety of companies pros and cons from professionals and clients it was time to make the decision. What did it for me? Seeing as I would be completing a service around a client’s eye, I needed a brand that was safe and could back it up.

My choice? NOVALASH Eyelash Extensions. Their reputation is based on their products and their communication with certifying stylists. Which is amazing.

To become certified you must take a classic class first. At the class they teach a damage free-physician developed technique. You can take an advanced volume class, with more advanced products after 6 months of working with classic lashes. They do not rush you with learning everything all at once. I loved this because I was one of those people who thought, well I can learn everything in a day. WRONG! There is so much information out there about eyelash extensions in general but then there is the brand specific knowledge you also need to know. The instructor gave us the overview of information and mainly focused on the hands on aspect which was the most important part. She corrected any bad techniques she saw and really stressed the importance of sanitation. So the communication there was great. But after the class I had a few more questions. I have a professional account and I can email Novalash at any time with my questions. Personally, I HATE talking on the phone so I loved the idea that I had choices of ways to contact. Any time I reach out to them I always get a fast response and the information I need. They do not just blow you off like some businesses do. They encourage you to know as much as you can and try to help.

Products was the most important thing for me. Novalash actually cares about health & safety. Ever had extensions and have been told NO oil products around eyes EVER and to wait 24 hours to even shower? Novalash encourages oil based products and you can jump into a pool right after your appointment if it’s a hot day! Did I mention it is sweat proof?! Every product Novalash provides is latex free and pregnancy safe. If you are a lash fanatic and love the mink look, they have a Minx line that is cruelty free, hypoallergenic and mimics the mink look. This adhesive is FDA approved and ISO-10993 certified. Stay tuned for a post specifically describing how the Platinum Bond and Sensitive Bond adhesive stands out from the competition! They also offer a whole retail line of after care maintenance products. And offer eye makeup products that are waterproof and smudge proof.  Also, another post for another day.

I will add one more thing. Upon researching Novalash you will see bad reviews just like with any company. Two things you need to remember while reading these: You will see the usual competition bad posts promoting people to try other brands. It is very common with companies, they want you to want their products.

The other is that some of them will say they had issues from the eyelash extensions, which is possible. BUT that is not actually Novalash that is the issue. Yes it is their product but 99% of the time it falls on the extensionist/stylist. The extensionist/stylist may have not followed their technique or sanitation rules which causes most of those issues. Which is why to be listed on their website they make you do a lot of work to prove you are not going to break their methods which causes the issues stated in bad reviews. This is why you need to make sure you are sure your eyelash stylist can answer important questions and make sure you are comfortable before the service begins.

Click here to know what to ask your eyelash stylist before your appointment!

This was just the big reasons of choosing to be certified with Novalash. The more I use it and learn about the company and products the more I fall in love. And you will too after you give it a try!


5 thoughts on “Which Eyelash Extensions are “On Point”?

    1. Yes!! When I hear other lash artists with other brands talk about their adhesive being the best I just bring up my facts about Novalash and they can’t believe how great it is!!

  1. I switched to Novalash a few years back. With the other brands that I had tried my clients used to come back between 1-2 weeks with hardly anything on! I always found the lashes to pop off with ease and always seen little black flecks of dried up adheisive around the eye area. I honestly wanted to cry and give up my newly found passion. By pure chance I met a lovely woman named Tonje Elshaug who happened to be a trainer for NovaLash. I took the course with her and ever since I have had no problems! I love that the adheisive doesn’t crack and flake, I love that there has been so much thought put into the making of these lashes and ever so brilliant ‘Platinum Bond’ adheisive. Thanks for changing my life Novalash!

  2. Novalash changed my entire career, I have used several other adhesive’s from many different companies, but they all lacked something important… my clients would only have about 2 weeks until they had to have a fill, they had to keep them dry for 24 hours and they had to use all oil free products.
    I knew there had to be something better out there, so I did a LOT of homework and found Novalash.
    Now my clients easily go 4+ weeks between fills, they can get oil all over them, and they can go straight home and shower if they want 🙂
    I’ll never use another glue, ever.

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