9 MORE Questions to Ask Before…

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You didn’t think 9 Questions to Ask BEFORE…was it did you? There are still 9 more questions below you may want to consider asking:

  • What can I use on and around my eyes product wise?

Every brand has different rules so it is important to always ask even if it is a brand you have used they may have changed their aftercare products.

  • What is the proper aftercare?

Most Lash Artists will send you home with a sheet of aftercare rules and tips. Every brand has different aftercare instructions so do not go off of what you may have previously had or what a non certified person tells you. Some limit to water, some you’re ready for anything right after.

  • What type of adhesive is used?

There are quite a lot of adhesives out there so you want to know what is going to be around your eye. Some brands have multiple glue choices to help with sensitive skin or eyes.

  • Is formaldehyde in the adhesive?

There are lash adhesives out there that do not have any traces of formaldehyde in them. It is a very bad ingredient that is cancer causing. If they are unsure or you are not confident in their answer contact the company before you have service done.

  • What if I have a reaction?

Lash Stylists are NOT doctors. They should not offer medical advice or suggest any medications other than to see a doctor and if removal is involved, when it is appropriate to do so.

  • How do I remove the extensions?

Every brand has a different removal method so it is always a good idea to know even before you get them applied what the removal is. There may also be a fee, it is better to prepare for a fee ahead of time.

  • How often do I need an infill?

Every brand is different for a suggested infill and how many lashes they should apply or how much time should be spent for the amount missing to be full. Ask them to go into detail so you understand the process and pricing. Typically, an infill can be 1-4 weeks depending on the Lash Stylists skill level and the brand.

  • How does the room sanitation work?

The professional should be able to tell you all the cleaning they have to do before and after the service in detail. Cleanliness is number one when it is around your eye.

  • Is there anything else I should know before I make an appointment for this service?

Some brands have tips for before the service to prepare for the client. The Lash Stylist may have additional information they would like you to know as well. Asking for an email or paper is always good so you don’t forget anything.

Be confident in the person you choose or wait to make an appointment until you are. Most Lash businesses will have you sign a release that explains more into detail the service and get your medical information needed but you will understand it a little better if you had your questions answered prior to your full set appointment.

Keep your lashes healthy & safe!



  1. Sooooooo much great information in this article! Thank you for sharing with everyone 🤗👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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