Say Goodbye to Blonde, Brunette is Back

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Now that summer is winding down it is time to break up the summer blonde. When fall starts it is always a good idea to tone down the blonde and turn more into the brunette side. There are many choices out there to do this. The first decision you have to make is whole head or just partial parts?

Do you want a whole new color from root to ends? Instead of just throwing on some permanent color and calling it a day remember how fragile your hair already is from being bleached. Professional hair stylists should always suggest you to use a demi-permanent color line. This type of color just deposits color without lifting. It is more gentle on the hair because most have lots of shine and conditioning ingredients.

Afraid to go the whole way? You can do a shadow root/color melt which is the darker color at your root and scalp area and the color blends into your blonde about 1.5-3 inches down, depending on what results you want. You can do the balayage look which is a darker root and pulling some pieces through with the dark color like low lights to break up the blonde at the ends. The third choice for this would be a low light service, which is a highlight with a darker color. Always consult thoroughly  with your stylist to make sure you do not go too dark. You will be surprised even with a lighter brown how much it can change-up the look of your blonde. Never be afraid to ask your stylist questions to make sure they are providing you with the service you want. If you are unsure I always suggest clients to start with a light shadow root to really decide if they are ready for the change.

Not really a blonde but want a change for fall? People with any color of hair can tweak their look for fall with any of those techniques mentioned above. If non blondes cannot decide they also have the option to also throw a few peek a boo highlights to see if the dimensional look is for them using a demi-permanent  color.

Skin color changes, wardrobe colors change when the leaves start to change so always be open to changing up your hair seasonally and talk with your stylist about the possibilities.

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