9 Questions to Ask BEFORE…

You are ready to get eyelash extensions. You have found a few places, a few deals and are ready to make your appointment. Before you set up your appointment, it is always a good idea to call or make a patch test appointment/consultation appointment to be able to talk to the Lash Stylist. Businesses that offer a consultation are always great because you can see the room, where they will be performing the service and can get an idea of the sanitation of that professional. Remember, you are investing money for these life changing lashes. You can never be too careful around your eyes!

Here is a list of questions you can ask your BEFORE they start any services to make sure this is the right person for the job:

  • What brand do you use?

This way you can do some research yourself.

  • Why did you choose this brand?

Your Lash Stylist should have a reason to prove they believe in the brand they are using. Keep a eye out for mixed brands! That could cause trouble for your eyes if products react to each other.

  • Are you licensed/certified?

Ask to see the paper proof. There are many people out there preforming this unlicensed or with no certification and may not know proper sanitation.

  • What did your training consist of?

Make sure the person attended a live brand taught class with a reputation, not a video online or from someone else who took the class. You risk a lot taking that chance. Many trainings don’t even send certification until AFTER they approve the Lash Stylist’s work.

  • How long have you been certified and applying the lashes to clients?

Some Lash Stylists will be newer to lashing on clients but their prices will also be lower. Some catch on fast and some do not. This is one you can lean back and forth with, depending on the Stylist’s work. That is why the next question is one of the most important to ask.

  • Can I see examples of YOUR personal work?

You can usually tell a photo-shopped picture from a regular one. Most businesses or independent Lash Stylists have Instagram you can try to find as well. Example: @colorpinscurls or @cpcin3d. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few before and afters too. A way to tell if the photos are fake is look at the background and see if it looks familiar to their salon photos posted.

  • Where do you get your products from?

Make sure the Lash Stylist is using their certified brand for everything they use on you. They make their products specific to use with their techniques and products. Look for the logo on lashes used on you as well as the adhesive. Don’t be afraid to ask to see. A professional should never hide products from you. BIG RED FLAG!

  • Do you have different lash extension curls, lengths and diameters?

You may not know the terms but knowing if they have more than one type to apply is a good sign. A top quality professional should always apply at least 3 different length, extensions on you. NovaLash techniques create custom lashes for clients. So having a large variety of lashes is a sign, that your eyes are about to become artwork.

  • What type of lashes are they?

There are 3 kinds of extensions: synthetic(usually polyester fiber), mink(real or fake) or silk. Keep in mind, MINK is cat. So cat allergies… BEWARE!!! NovaMINX, are a great alternative lightweight extensions, while also being cruelty free. Your Lash Stylist should be able to answer these questions as well.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Your Lash Stylist understands they are going to be around your eye and that you will be asking questions. I get excited when I see a client asking me to confirm information! Because with using a great brand like NovaLash and with my training I can answer any question like a lash encyclopedia! A good Stylist will be able to answer and back up their answers with facts every time. It never hurts to also contact multiple places to see the options out there, or even contact customer service for a company.

Stay tuned tomorrow for 9 MORE Questions to Ask Before… you make your full set appointment.

Keep your lashes happy & safe!


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