Why Now?

I started this for many reasons. I have always been the type that when I want to know about a topic, I research it… A LOT. I found myself looking into all these different areas learning everything I possibly could. I had stacks of binders and notes about the beauty industry of all this stuff and didn’t know what to do with it. So that would be one of the big reasons of starting this blog.

Another is, I have been exposed to hairstylists who have said, “I purposely don’t teach my clients because then they depend on me for their look.” WRONG. I believe teaching clients is one of the most important things. Cosmetologist, the licensing term used for a “hairstylist”, learn things in and out of school some people would never think of. Then, after they learn the information they not only remember it but they remember you. I have had countless appointments teaching clients the big and little things and I always get a, “thank you! I am so happy I know this now! You should write a book”. It is a simple concept. I am a professional so I need to teach people who are not professionals whatever I can to help them.

This is not just for clients, it is for friends, family, other beauty industry professionals, strangers… anyone who wants to learn a thing or two be informed about the industry. I believe you can never stop learning in this industry. Continuing education is the most important part of being here and constantly refuels my passion. It is constantly changing and evolving and it is important to keep consumers informed on as much as I can as a professional. I also believe in giving anyone an answer  to any questions people have no matter how “stupid” it may be. There are no dumb questions, trust me. I chose to focus on my two main strengths for this blog: the hair industry and eyelash extensions (more about how I got there for a future post).

I will not be a hairstylist who is pushing sales down your throat trying to make money off of you. I have no sponsors just my own experiences. I will be suggesting some of my favorite products that I stand behind 100% because they have worked for myself and my clients of all different hair types. I will also be telling you some opinions about different topics. I will put the disclaimer out now, I understand everyone has opinions so just as you may not agree with mine. I like to tell you my reasoning and I love hearing opinions from the other side view as well. I just ask that people respect one another and myself.

On this blog… I will share trends, tips and tricks from the professional world with you through pictures, videos and words. I will inform you about what things are, how they work, why they work, my opinion of topics in the beauty world, addressing any questions I receive, etc. You never know what topic it will be or where the conversation will go.

So bookmark this page, start following and stay informed!


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